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Power Breathwork Class helps relieve stress, anger, frustration, anxiety

Experience clearings of anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, emotional issues, feel relaxed, peaceful, receive clarity and more

De-Stress, Energize & Empowerment Wellness Programs

It is best to do the  level 1 session on your own several times prior to doing the level 2 class.

One Hour Stress Management and Empowerment Meditation Level 1 Process

[ This Level 1 process is now available on CD for daily/weekly practice]

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Overview of issues created by the mind - thought process, introduction to the human energetic system, the energy centers in the body and how to energetically de-stress and empower the  mind-body system.

 Hands on processing to De-stress, Empower and Energize your whole body-mind system 

    You are taken through 5 hands-on exercise processes in the one hour level 1 session 

  1. Breathwork to open up your energy fields and clear dense thought fields
  2. Sound creation to clear and develop your field
  3. Energy activation of 7 main energy centers in your body field
  4. High frequency sounds for deeper clearing of blockages in the physical/mental/emotional body fields
  5. Empowerment with energy focus on clarity / co-creation / manifestation / of your goals/desires….and practice being in a thoughtless, peaceful, relaxed state

 Deeper more powerful De-Stress and Empowerment Level 2 [ On-site 90 min Class ]

A minimum of 10 people are required to hold a level 2 class at your location. Cost is $25/person

Purchase class session (minimum 10 people required to hold a class at your premises) $250

($25 per person) 

Group Size

This Breathwork program releases repressed emotional issues from the cellular level, clears stress, anxiety, fear, revenge, hatred, forgiveness issues and blocked energies. This unique and very powerful breathwork process connects your breath flow to the Universal Source energy, which provides the new vibrant flow of energy into your system. All low vibrating "old" energy is flushed out with the "old restrictive thought patterns" and replaced with new higher vibrating energy. This new vibrant energy brings in joy, peace, love, compassion, clarity, focus and passion to reach your goals and manifest your dream desires.

Unlike other breathwork this is an experiential and unique journey that you experience each time you do this breathwork class. The full session takes 90 minutes. Your vibration level is raised. Intentions are transmitted (at a higher vibration level)-for those familiar with the law of attraction-to attract the new energies you have to first clear your old energy patterns. New manifestation comes about after you shift your vibration energy pattern to the new desired outcome by clearing all dense energies from your system. Energy clearing happens as higher frequency energy comes into your system through this breathwork process.

 [ The Breathwork process requires lying down propped up on the floor – Bringing 2 pillows/cushions plus a yoga mat/sheet/light blanket is recommended for your own comfort ]

The power breathwork classes are facilitated by Ray and Sheila. Over the past seven years they have  traveled all over the country and have provided these classes to hundreds of people. Most have had phenomenal experiences, with deep emotional clearing, release of stress, anger, anxiety as well as opening of their heart, feeling of deep love, peace and clarity.

Peoples Experiences:

I released some deep emotional issues. Felt a deep state of relaxation. Received clarity. I felt like I traveled through an emotional tunnel, releasing past issues and experienced a deep level of joy. LM San Antonio TX

I felt energy flowing on me and through me. This was an incredible and exciting feeling. It was powerful. I feel much lighter and somehow do not feel connected with my issues anymore. AC Phoenix AZ

The class helped me release my blockages and opened me up to receive my purpose with clarity. I was able to release my fears and be in a state of love and joy. SB Austin TX

I felt immense amount of energy flowing through me and kept hearing the word freedom over and over. KC Wimberley TX


I had fear, anxiety and stress issues before this class. During the session I felt an opening of my heart, release of anxiety, fear and stress. I felt the sense of completely letting go. This is a powerful class, worth much more than what you charge.  BH Fort Worth TX

I was able to release my fear issues. By end of the session I felt very light, relaxed and peaceful. TG Austin TX


I felt an incredible flow of energy through me with a feeling of being totally free. A powerful and wonderful experience. LD Austin TX

I received a message saying all is forgiven. I felt acceptance, love and wellbeing.

AA Fort Worth TX

What an incredible feeling of Joy and peace.  I have been looking/waiting for this feeling for a long time. DM Austin TX


I experienced my true essence. A feeling of being completely free from everything. MS San Antonio TX