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Youth Struggle with Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine Addiction Warning Signs

  1. Have tried quitting but couldn't
  2. Smoke now because it's really hard to quit
  3. Feel that you might be addicted
  4. Have felt strong cravings to smoke
  5. Have felt like you really needed a cigarette
  6. Want to smoke in places you're not supposed to
  7. Hard to concentrate when you haven't smoked
  8. Feel irritable when you haven't smoked in a while
  9. Feel a strong need to smoke when you haven't smoked
  10. Nervous, restless or anxious because you couldn't smoke

 Make a Serious Attempt to QUIT NOW become Nicotine Addiction Free

  (view youths with smoking issues below)

Smoking addiction starts at a very young age (pdf)

Tobacco Use by Youth in Arizona (View pdf)

High school students who smoke 19.7% (70,000)
Male high school students who use smokeless or spit tobacco 10.7% (females use much lower)
Kids (under 18) who become new daily smokers each year 5,600
Kids exposed to secondhand smoke at home 227,000
Packs of cigarettes bought or smoked by kids each year 16.5 million
Adults in Arizona who smoke 16.1% (771,600)

Deaths in Arizona From Smoking

Adults who die each year from their own smoking 6,800
Kids now under 18 and alive in Arizona who will ultimately die prematurely from smoking 105,000
Adult nonsmokers who die each year from exposure to secondhand smoke 990

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A 1/2 a pack-a-day addict, Rachel's message is simple: "I'm hooked."

Withdrawal symptoms vary greatly but may include anxiety, irritability, anger, depression, headaches, powerful crave episodes, an inability to concentrate, difficulty sleeping, chest tightness, vomiting, constipation, and fatigue.

Iris started at age 17 so that she too could look "cool," like her smoking friends. Little did Iris realize that being "cool" meant no more running. Tars and carbon monoxide quickly rob the body of up to 30% of its breathing capacity. Imagine never again being able to engage in prolonged vigorous physical activity. The heart and muscles need extra oxygen for vigorous exercise. But smoking fills Iris's bloodstream with carbon monoxide and half of the carbon monoxide she inhales is still circulating in her bloodstream four hours later.


Krystle, 17 and has already spent 6 years as a nicotine's slave. Krystle doesn't smoke nicotine because she wants to, but because she must - because it hurts when she doesn't.


The cost to get hooked is small and many teens are addicted after smoking less than a dollar's worth of nicotine.

Rick started at age 16. At 28 he has spent $17,520 on supporting his nicotine addiction


Katie was hooked solid by age 13.  Her older sister begged her and actually paid her $5 dollars to smoke her first cigarette.  At Just 20, Katie is now addicted to smoking nicotine.



Reggie at age 19 has already tried to quit 4 times and is not able to do so. He is now addicted to nicotine.


Helping Youth become smoke and nicotine free without medicine drugs

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