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 Bio Laser Therapy for Stress Release, Lower Anxiety and Feeling of Well Being

According to the 2010 Stress in America survey,  more people are stressed  to a point where they are at risk of health problems. Laser stress management therapy is a painless way to relieve stress.

Workplace stress findings in the US by Center for Disease Control and NIOSH:

  • stress is linked to physical and mental health and decreases willingness to wake on new and creative endeavors
  • stress related Job burnout experienced by 25-40% US workers
  • Stress causes drain on productivity
  • Depression (a stress reaction) is predicted to be a leading occupational disease



The BioCare Anne Penman Laser Stress Therapy treatment (includes 4 sessions) is a drug free painless procedure that helps reduce stress, mood swings, improves sleeping patterns and puts you back in control.

Emotional Stress

"Emotion" is defined as energy in motion. This energy can be positive (feelings of joy) or negative (feelings of anger). You may not always be aware of your deeper feelings and how these feelings are affecting your body, energy, thoughts, and relationships. You might notice tension or an upset stomach. Sometimes, you might even feel your heart pounding in your chest.

Science measures heart rhythms to identify how feelings affect our body. When people are frustrated, scared, worried, angry, or upset, their heart rhythms are uneven and irregular. When these uneven, irregular heart rhythms are viewed on a computer screen, they look like jagged mountain peaks. When we are upset, it’s usually hard to think clearly.

Making a wise choice is tough for anyone when they are emotionally upset. Have you ever said something to a friend in a moment of anger that you later regretted? However, when we are feeling confident and secure, feeling cared for, or appreciating someone or something, our heart rhythms are smooth and even like the ones in the diagram.

Scientists now know that the heart and brain are connected and that smooth and even heart rhythms make it easier to think clearly and make better decisions.


Research shows the following consequences of unhealthy emotions

Research shows the following consequences of healthy or positive emotions:

  • Less ability to think clearly

  • Less efficiency in decision-making

  • Less ability to communicate clearly

  • Reduced physical coordination

  • Higher risk of heart disease

  • Higher risk of high blood pressure


  • Improved performance and achievement

  • More creativity and innovative problem-solving

  • Better decision-making

  • More flexibility in the way you think

  • Improved memory

  • Improved immunity to disease

  • Improved hormonal balance

  • Longer life span


The Goal is to shift from the unhealthy to healthy emotions


This Information and graphics from Inside Story Publication by Heart Mass










Stress, depression and body pain (From Article by Nancy Schimelpfening)

Ever heard someone say, "He's a real pain in the neck" (or other body part!)? Did you know that stress in your life can quite literally be expressed as pain and illness? To make this easier to understand, let's compare your body to a pressure cooker. If it's allowed to vent its steam, it will sit there and happily cook along. If it's not allowed to vent its steam, the pressure will build up and up until the lid blows off! We humans are no different. And, like the pressure cooker we "flip our lids" by becoming depressed. Now, lets say that we have a cooker under pressure, but we're applying pressure to hold that lid on (the human equivalent would be holding in our emotions). What will happen? Eventually, the vessel will break and the place it will break is at its weakness point. The same goes for us human beings. If one of your body systems is weakened, this is where a stress-related illness is most likely to develop. If your weakest point physically is your neck, you'll develop neck pains. Or back pain. Or ulcers. Or frequent colds and flu. You get the picture.

Any illness that has physical symptoms, but has the mind and emotions as its origin is called a psychosomatic illness. Although you may be told that it's "all in your head", these illnesses are not imaginary. The aches and pains are very real, but because your doctor is looking for an actual physical cause, they are very tricky to diagnose and treat. The key is to look for a source of stress in the person's life that the person is not coping with. By treating the underlying stress and depression, it may be possible to heal the physical problems as well.

Common Ailments from Stress

How to source the Stress Areas and Clear issues

  1. Start by taking our stress analysis survey
  2. View the survey diagnosis and analyze the areas that are causing the high stress levels
  3. Identify and recognize any emotional memories affecting you and, in many cases, controlling and limiting you.
  4. Realize these and reduce any inappropriate fears, anxieties, angry reactions, and other unhealthy emotions caused by these emotional memories.
  5. Apply techniques, treatments or processes to clear issues and attain positive emotional flow.


Power Breathwork for Stress Release, Relaxation and Empowerment

This is an intense and relaxing  90 minute Power Breathwork Session - Clears negative emotional and mental patterns from your cellular level, activates positive energy into your system, opens your  energy centers, relaxes the ego mind and body, clears erratic and negative thought patterns, builds concentration, triggers your ability to manifest your desires. Open up to your higher will, receive clarity, peace, love, joy......... and much more.

A minimum of 10 people are required to conduct a session at your premises. The process requires lying down on the floor. Two pillows and a floor mat/light blanket or sheet are required for your comfort and best results.

Peoples Experiences

I released some deep emotional issues. Felt a deep state of relaxation. Received clarity. I felt like I traveled through an emotional tunnel, releasing past issues and experienced a deep level of joy. LM San Antonio TX

I felt energy flowing on me and through me. This was an incredible and exciting feeling. It was powerful. I feel much lighter and somehow do not feel connected with my issues anymore. AC Phoenix AZ

The class helped me release my blockages and opened me up to receive my purpose with clarity. I was able to release my fears and be in a state of love and joy. SB Austin TX

I felt immense amount of energy flowing through me and kept hearing the word freedom over and over. KC Wimberley TX


I had fear, anxiety and stress issues before this class. During the session I felt an opening of my heart, release of anxiety, fear and stress. I felt the sense of completely letting go. This is a powerful class, worth much more than what you charge.  BH Fort Worth TX

I was able to release my fear issues. By end of the session I felt very light, relaxed and peaceful. TG Austin TX


I felt an incredible flow of energy through me with a feeling of being totally free. A powerful and wonderful experience. LD Austin TX

I received a message saying all is forgiven. I felt acceptance, love and wellbeing.

AA Fort Worth TX

What an incredible feeling of Joy and peace.  I have been looking/waiting for this feeling for a long time. DM Austin TX


I experienced my true essence. A feeling of being completely free from everything. MS San Antonio TX