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The Bio Laser process has been around in Europe for over 20 years. It is non evasive, safe, pain-free, fast and effective. You can now quit smoking and be nicotine addiction free with one bio laser treatment in a few days. Bio Laser Weight Loss removes cravings and suppresses your appetite. Stress program with breathwork clears tension, emotional issues, relaxes and puts you in control. 

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Bio Laser Therapy is safe and pain free. All treatments are done with a cold (Low Level Light) Laser. About thirty years ago it was discovered that certain types of lasers could be used to stimulate meridian points (energy centers) on the body, similar to acupuncture. This technique came to be known as Bio Laser Therapy. In many applications, bio laser therapy was found to be more effective than traditional acupuncture.


Smoking Cessation Treatments

Special techniques were developed to address specific ailments. One of the applications was to help people overcome addictions, and treating people for nicotine addiction in particular proved to be very effective. As pioneering laser therapists refined their techniques, they began to experience success rates approaching 85%, which is better than three times the rate of any other modality for treating tobacco addiction. 

While the efficacy rate is exciting, there are other appealing aspects of laser therapy: it’s drug-free, pain-free, absolutely safe, produces no side-effects, and demands very little time.  Clearly, this qualifies as a viable and attractive solution for people who are tired of smoking and don't want to go through the side effects and expense of medications.

Weight Loss

The Bio laser treatment helps put you back in control, help suppress your appetite, help you deal with food cravings, and help make you less obsessed with food.

The program is designed to help you deal with the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of changing your lifestyle. You will understand the dynamics of weight loss in every day situations.

Nutritional support is provided to help you:

·   Get motivated

·   Make lifestyle changes

·   Eat a healthier diet

·   Control your desire for many tempting foods

 Stress Management

Bio Laser Therapy treatment with breathwork can help promote the feeling of well being: help lower stress, frustration and anxiety levels: help reduce mood swings: help improve sleeping patterns and puts the person back in control.

Pain Management

Bio Laser therapy treatments has been the alternative pain relief for many that are tired of pharmaceutical drugs. View some of the bio laser pain management applications.