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Medical News Reports Regarding the prescription drug Chantix:

Truckers On Chantix Can't Be Licensed -

Trucking regulators have joined the FAA in banning Pfizer's stop-smoking drug among its drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration yesterday said Chantix patients shouldn't be qualified for trucking licenses while using the med.

FAA Bans Anti Smoking Drug Chantix - USA Today

The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday removed the smoking cessation drug Chantix from the list of medications considered safe for pilots and air-traffic controllers after a new study linked the medication to mental confusion and other problems that could put passengers at risk.

FAA Bans Chantix for Pilot, Air Traffic Controllers - Wall Street Journal

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices examined adverse-event reports turned into the FDA in the fourth quarter of last year, and found 988 serious health problems reported in association with Chantix use, including seizures and heart trouble.

Chantix Gets FDA Suicide Warning -

Chantix, the anti-smoking drug made by Pfizer, was the subject of a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) suicide warning today.

Study Links Chantix to Aggressive Behavior, Violence

Evidence continues to mount against the stop-smoking drug Chantix and its links to aggressive behavior and violence, said WebMD, citing an emerging report.