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Smoking causes gene damage instantly in the first few puffs

Smoking causes heart disease, stroke, lung cancer & more watch this video (click on image below)


Smokers Lungs



View What 20 Packs (400 cigarettes) does to your body in this demonstration QUIT SMOKING NOW - STOP DESTROYING YOURSELF

Ever wondered what is in a Cigarette?

Smoking causes Gene Damage instantly

Spit (Chewing) Tobacco Facts

 Reasons to Quit Smoking - American Cancer Society

Youth Smoking Addiction in Arizona

Helping Smokers to Quit & Save $150-$450 per month - Surgeon General AHRQ

Smoking and Cancer -Surgeon General Report

Smoke Free Products Warning

Tobacco and Death

Arizona Tobacco Statistics

American Lung Association Smoking Facts

Workplace Smoking costs Businesses $3,391/Yr  per smoker

Savings from Quitting SmokingSavings from quitting smoking

Cigarette Cost Calculator

Businesses  can help employees Stop Smoking for Cheaper Arizona Health Insurance

Health insurance companies fear smokers more than any other group. Smoking leads to some serious potenzmittel online kaufen health issues and cost Arizona health insurance companies lots of money. Because of this, health insurance providers charge smokers (young and old) the highest rates for health insurance. 

If you have been a smoker in the past, you can still save money on your Arizona health insurance by quitting. Most Arizona health insurance companies will slowly begin to lower your rates as you move further away from the time when you smoked. Some may immediately remove you as a smoker, though if you are found to have started back, your rates will once again be raised or you may be dropped altogether.

Stress contributes to depression, anxiety, and has diverse effects on many other functions and organs of the body. For businesses, stress  lowers productivity and increases absenteeism. Job burnout by 25%-40% of US workers is blamed on stress.

Stress effects all aspects of people's personal life; health; obesity; work; personal relationships; increase in smoking, alcohol and drugs abuse. Stress prevents people enjoying a healthy and happy lifestyle balance.

Bio stimulation laser stress therapy program increases the endorphin level and provides feeling of calmness, well being and much more.

Power Breathwork clears your system from stress, anxiety, tension and anger. Open up to your higher will, receive clarity, peace, love, joy......... and much more.

More information on our Stress Management process........

De-Stress Breathwork Meditation CD and Class

Stop Alcohol Drugs  Anxiety Insomnia  Depression

Experience the difference without drugs, medication or psychotherapy

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Laser Therapy operates on the same principles of bio stimulation acupressure on specific points on the hands, face, ears and wrists, which create an endorphin release. This helps alleviate drug & alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The endorphin release lets a person  relax as they detox from the addictive substance or substances. Once the person overcomes their physical withdrawals, it becomes easier to cope with the psychological aspects of defeating their addiction. Common symptoms that the laser therapy procedure can help overcome are withdrawal, stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, agitation, hostility, irritability, fatigue nausea, shakiness, headaches, cravings, fatigue and loss of appetite.

Abuse of prescription drugs like Oxycontin and Vicodin is also on the rise in Arizona. Drug treatment centers in the state, per the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, report that over 50% of new admissions for drug addiction treatment in the Phoenix metropolitan area are for pharmaceutical controlled substances. Over 24,000 people were admitted to Arizona drug and alcohol treatment facilities in 2006, by far the greatest percentage (14.9%) for methamphetamine addiction.


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Stop Smoking with ONE Laser Treatment

 Stop Smoking Fast ▪ Clear Nicotine, Alcohol & Drug Addictions

 Lose Weight ▪ Manage Stress


 Stop Smoking Laser Current Promotion



Quit Smoking with a Cold Laser Treatment


"Cold lasers are extremely safe because the laser light/radiation has no effect on healthy cells. Worldwide research, tests and studies have shown conclusively that cold laser light restores balance, energy and nutrient, oxygen permeability to sick cells. Thus resulting in accelerated healing and regeneration".

Edgar Mitchell, Doctor of Technology Apollo 14 astronaut.

Give up smoking completely and be nicotine addiction free

The treatment is similar to acupuncture - Laser on specific body points

Low Level (Cold) Bio Laser Therapy for smoking cessation and other treatments has been around for over 20 years in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, and Switzerland. It has only been in the United States for the last 5 years.  Many successful clinics like ours have opened up around America, helping over 1.2 million Americans stop smoking. We are delighted to bring this revolutionary new technology to the Phoenix Arizona metro area.

Bio Laser Quit Smoking Program is an advanced treatment process for helping people stop smoking cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco products. Because we know everyone reacts differently, the program is tailored to each individuals needs. This means that regardless of how many you smoke or for how long, the Program can help you achieve your goal to become smoke free.

Many have tried alternative ways to Quit Smoking

For most quitting smoking is very hard. Tremendous will power is required to quit smoking once and for all. Studies have shown that only 5-8% of those who attempt to quit without any help succeed. About 25-33% have attempted to quit and used nicotine based medicines like Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) patch, gum, lozenge and have only been successful for short periods of time (usually up to 6 months). With Bio Laser therapy a high percentage have quit and stayed smoke and nicotine free for several years.

Many of our clients have come to us after trying to quit with the patch, gum, hypnosis, acupuncture and other methods without success.

"I just wanted to let you know....thanks to you and your therapy, as of April 16th 2011, I am proud to say I have been completely 100% smoke free for one full year!! I was previously a heavy smoker, about a pk a day, for over 10 years. Now, I am so thankful I do not have to worry about my children growing up watching me go outside every hour to have a smoke. I am so thankful for the laser treatment!!"

"I AM NOW A NON-SMOKER! I have smoked for 42 years. I've tried everything, patch, gum, lozenges, hypnosis, psychologist and Chantix. I've quit for short periods but never able to totally kick it. Thanks for your Laser Therapy, it really works!"

I feel so proud of myself and so healthy!! Your program is  unbelievable, I was skeptical of the "Laser" and the testimonies but  I can say they are true. As I experienced everything the other  participants did!!! Sheila was very nice.

“I was amazed on how pain free and simple this process was. I had no withdrawal symptoms and felt relaxed after my treatment…best part is that the urge to smoke is hardly there...I am surprised at how easy this process is compared to the other ways I tried"

Bio  laser therapy has much higher success than other alternative ways

The BioCare Quit Smoking Laser Therapy Treatment

  1. Low level Bio Stimulation Cold Laser Therapy with 3* laser sessions. 


    During each session 45 points on the ears, face, wrists and hands.  are stimulated with the laser.  The process has 3 steps:


    1st  - Nicotine addiction points to help block the body's need for


    2nd - Diet points for appetite control and to help avoid excessive

             weight gain.

    3rd  - Stress and relaxation points to help avoid withdrawal

              symptoms and reduce stress and anxiety.


  2. Sub conscious reprogramming exercises
  3. Nicotine Detox process
  4. Guidance on staying smoke and nicotine free
  5. Continual Support and Motivation

  * Most have quit smoking with just 2-3 laser sessions. Sessions

     not used are good for one year.

Bio Laser Therapy is non evasive, safe and pain free.

Will the treatment Hurt?

There is no pain from the treatment. You may feel a tingling sensation. Most of our clients feel extremely relaxed during the treatment generika and end up falling asleep within a few minutes of starting the therapy.

All treatments are done with a cold (Low Level Light) Laser. About thirty years ago it was discovered that certain types of lasers could be used to stimulate meridian points (energy centers) on the body, similar to acupuncture. This technique came to be known as Low Level Light Bio Laser Therapy. In many applications (including smoking cessation), bio laser therapy was found to be more effective than traditional acupuncture. The laser reaches through the skin to stimulate nerve endings.  Low level laser is known to boost endorphin production, which is produced normally by the body and is natures own mood lifter and anesthetic.  The endorphin production helps relieve the physical withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking and calms the body-mind system from feeling anxious.

What is Smoke Free Laser Therapy?

Smoking Cessation Programs are tax deductible. The cost is covered under Medical Flexible Spending-FSA / HFA

(IRS form 502 from

Quit smoking biocare laser treatment


How does Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) work?

Nicotine Health Effects

Nicotine Addiction NIDA Report

Read Nicotine Addiction 101

Smoking is an addiction. Tobacco contains nicotine, a drug that is addictive. The nicotine, therefore, makes it very difficult (although not impossible) to quit. Still, approximately 440,000 deaths occur in the U.S. each year from smoking-related illnesses; this represents almost 1 out of every 5 deaths. The reason for these deaths is that smoking greatly increases the risk of getting lung cancer, heart attack, chronic lung disease, stroke, and many other cancers. Moreover, smoking is perhaps the most preventable cause of breathing (respiratory) diseases within the USA.....Read more on Smoking Problems

Most cigarettes (in the smoke inhaled) contain 1 to 3 milligrams of nicotine. Nicotine gum is available in 2-mg or 4-mg doses, and nicotine patches in 7mg - 21mg. Nicotine lozenges are available in 2mg and 4 mg doses. The electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) has low and midrange doses (6–8 mg/ml and 10–14 mg/ml respectively), to high and extra-high doses (16–18 mg/ml and 20–54 mg/ml respectively).

American Lung Association Report

View medical reports on Chantix.

CNN report on dangers of Chantix

Studies show that nicotine constricts arteries, making it harder for the heart to pump blood through the body. Repeated nicotine exposure contributes to accelerated coronary artery disease, acute cardiac ischemic events, and hypertension. Additionally, studies have shown that nicotine exposure contributes to stroke, peptic ulcer disease, and esophageal reflux. Further, nicotine may cause wounds to heal more slowly and may be associated with reproductive toxicity. Moreover, nicotine can cause the body to release its stores of fat and cholesterol into the blood.

Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), such as nicotine gum, patch, that were used for long periods of time may be associated with an increased risk of contracting oral cancer and much more. [Source Wikipedia-nicotine]

smoking and nicotine side effects chart

    Laser Therapy Weight Loss Lose 2-6 Inches on Hips, Waist, Thighs and Buttocks plus Cellulite appearance reduction   
The Weight Loss Program is designed to help you reduce your food intake and provide nutritional advice. A stronger weight loss bio stimulation process with program focus only on weight loss.

The weight loss program includes four laser bio stimulation sessions (one per week).

The weight loss laser bio stimulation program helps you control your appetite, stimulate your organs to do their job, metabolize fat into energy and spend the energy. Control over sweet cravings, increase sense of well being and cleanse the body.

The laser treatment will put you back in control, help suppress your appetite, help you deal with food cravings, and help make you less obsessed with food. We will help you set realistic goals and plan for your new lifestyle.

Laser treatment can help reduce cravings, stress and help restore balance.

View weight loss treatment testimonials

An effective way to lose weight fast


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Alternative Pain management applications

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The Vacu Stepper System is designed to increase blood circulation promoting concentrated fat burning and reduction of cellulite appearance, plus lose inches on hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks. This system has been sweeping Europe with remarkable results, and is now available in Phoenix Arizona.

Vacustep For Sale

Vacu step for sale phoenix arizona

Combine the Vacu program with the Fat area Detox Wrap for faster results.

Fat Area Detox wrap helps lose inches around waist, hips thighs and buttocks, see results overnight !

Sounds unbelievable. Many have tried this and yes, it works!







Proudly serving clients to help Quit Smoking with laser in Houston Texas